Experience authentic Brazil through the culture, cuisine and celebrations of Salvador, Bahia Brazil.

Gather your friends and let us be your guide as you enjoy the beaches, food, shopping and parties of Brazil’s first capital city. Together we will create custom tours that can include: Spa Services, Golf, Boating, Eco-Tours, Music and Dance Performances, and of course Beaches.

Your party can stay in boutique hotels or luxury condos in downtown Salvador, Bahia. Enjoy the convenience of staying in one of the most thriving and eclectic areas of Salvador. You will be within easy access of shopping, restaurants, beaches, art galleries, nightclubs, and historical landmarks.

About Salvador, Bahia Brazil

Where Brazil was born: Salvador, Bahia. Diga Brazil is excited to introduce you to the magical city of Salvador located just thirteen degrees below the equator along the beautiful Northeast coastline of Brazil.

Brazil’s original capital city, Salvador is over 500 years old and is Brazil’s cultural and historical center. Salvador is best known as host to Brazil’s largest street party, Carnaval! Come dance with Brazil’s hottest music groups as they parade along the oceanfront and in the colonial style streets of the Old City. With its deep Afro-Brazilian roots, Brazil’s third largest city is the cradle of the martial arts-dance, “capoeira” as well as the uniquely Afro-Brazilian religion, “candomble”.

Location, Location, Location

Located on the northeast coast of Brazil in a region of tropical rainforests, Salvador is historically known as ‘Sao Salvador da Baia de Todos os Santos‘ (or Holy Savior of All Saints Bay). As the third most populous Brazilian city, Salvador is known in Brazil for its cuisine, music and architecture. The metro area is one of the wealthiest in the north-eastern region of the country, and over 80% of the population has some Black African ancestry, making for a heady mix of cultures and traditions.

Local Cuisine

The local cuisine in Salvador reflects the African heritage of its inhabitants, and centres on spicy, seafood-based concoctions. Traditional dishes can be found everywhere, with some of the best flavours and deals coming from the local street vendors. Sample acaraje, a fried ball of black-eyed peas served with caruru, an okra, onion, shrimp, peanut and palm oil condiment. Don‘t miss the chance to sample any variety of moqueca (and there are many), a thick, fiery seafood stew.

Go Home With More Than Just A Tan!

Throughout Brazil, Salvador is known as much for the outgoing and friendly locals as it is for it’s beautiful beaches. Salvadorians love to share their city with visitors, so be prepared to meet new friends. While visiting Salvador you will experience a safe, fun, relaxing as well as culturally enriching vacation. Diga Brazil is proud to be your host. After visiting Salvador you will go home with more than just a tan!

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