Costa dos Coqueiros (The Coconut Coastline) begins at Estrada do Coco (the Coconut Road), right off Salvador’s International Airport, and continues through the Linha Verde (the Green Line Road), which ends at the division of Bahia and Sergipe. The region is filled with small villages spread along the north shore of the state. Some of them are pretty popular and structured in order to meet the needs of the tourism industry, such as Praia do Forte and the Sauípe Complex (the largest complex of resorts in South America). Others are relatively unexplored by foreign visitors, still preserving their local flavor. In any case, whichever destination you decide to visit, you will be sure to find beautiful beaches, amazing seafood-based cuisine, and friendly people. The Coconut Coastline is also a passageway for many rivers. Coming all the way to the coast to pour their fresh waters into the ocean, these rivers create amazing landscapes and delightful destinations such as the Imbassaí and the Jacuípe river mouths. The beaches of the Coconut Coastline are ideal for surfing, snorkeling, kitesurfing, fishing, jogging, and enjoyable moments of relaxation. Contact us for a free advice on how you can get the most of Costa dos Coqueiros on your next trip to Bahia!
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